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Samples Processing Review_ Apparelwin Fashion/ Clothing Manufacturer

A lot of brands wanna know how to develop their sample in ApparelWin. At the beginning, fashion project manager need to know what your design is. After confirming design, we'll start fabric and trims sourcing. Before production, we also need to make patte

How To Make A Tech-pack For Clothing Manufacturer _ApparelWin

Tech pack is the blueprint for your design. We need 5 items to make tech pack includeing drawings, measurements, fabric, trims and everything that a supplier would need to know to make your idea into a product.

How To Get Cheaper Price From Clothing Suppliers/ Factory/ Manufacturer_ApparelWin

Here is the checklist of getting the right price. First, you need to have a clear drawing or sketch. Secondly, we need to highlight the important details. Thirdly, you need to tell the fabric and trims you prefer to use. The last one is ask for a sample.

How to prepare to start a fashion business-Step 2

Next, when you know what you want to achieve with your business, you'll need to plan to make it happen - successful businesses don't happen by accident!

How to prepare to start a fashion business-Step 1

here's some tips so that you can hit the ground running

How to prepare to start a fashion business-Step 3

As you're probably aware, travel is considerably cheaper if you book in advance.

How to prepare to start a fashion business-Step 4

There's a lot of things that you'll need to source for your business + although at this stage you won't know what you need exactly, it is worth starting to do your research as early as possible.

First Step to Start Your Own Clothing Business

Deciding What Clothing to Sell

How can I start my own fashion line in a way that would require the least initial investment?

Your brand image is going to be the most important thing in the beginning.

How do I start a clothing line and make it known online?

The question has two parts, One is “How to start a clothing line” and second is “Make it known online”.

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