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FASHION BUSINESS ADVICE Fashion Business Owner Musings: Don’t Let Your Failures Haunt You

When something doesn’t work, it haunts me. I know this isn’t good. I can’t let failed attempts at things get to me. I should be better at just shaking it off and moving on. I’m trying, but I’m not 100% there yet.


"We saw a real demand on connecting with manufacturing end of things in Asia with interested parties worldwide in an honest and productive way,” independent designer David said.

5 Things Emerging Designers Often Believe They Need But Actually Don’t

There are few things that I hear over and over again, from designers who so badly want to grow their businesses but inadvertently are waiting for someone else to help them do that. So I’ve decided to call attention to them and I’m not going to sugar coat

Wool Waste Fibers Recycled Into New Material

If wool is on your shopping list for sustainable materials to source for your next collection, then you should check out Re.Verso. This new textile platform puts a more eco-friendly spin on this already versatile fiber. Using a 100% transparent method of

Fabric Sourcing Tips for Emerging Designers

It's true. There is an art to finding and ordering fabric. Whether it’s conscious or not, there is some sort of triage system in place when mills and factories speak with designers and developers. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t malicious, there are just so

The Ultimate Fabric Sourcing Checklist for Fashion Designers

Every garment begins with fabric; it is the fabric that brings a design to life. You can dramatically alter your design’s end result by simply changing the cloth you make it from.

One Crucial Lesson About the Fashion Manufacturing Industry

Whenever anyone asks me, What’s your one piece of advice for new designers? I always have the same answer. I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs over the years, and I warn all of them of the same mistakes that I made when I was first starting out in

A Complete Look at the Sample Making Process

There are so many steps to building your fashion business. One of the most important of these steps is taking your creative ideas from concept to completion. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, your first season can be quite confusing. Especially

3 Money Saving Tips for Emerging Designers

Proper product development is essential to launching a successful collection year after year. Without it, you run the risk losing precious resources like time and money. But, what if you are brand new to the industry?

What You Need to Know About Small Batch Production

With the resurgence of US manufacturing, there are more options for manufacturing your collection at the quantity you need. Knowing how much production you should start off with can be complicated. Starting small or producing a large run each have their

The Ultimate Pre-Production Checklist for Fashion Designers

Pulling the trigger to finally put your designs into production is a scary and big step to take. In my many years as a designer and partner in a fashion design agency, I’ve overseen hundreds of designs from initial concept through bulk production.

How to Create a Tech Pack for Your Fashion Line

Of all the questions and advice seeking that I receive from new and emerging fashion brands, the topic that is most often addressed is production. From “How do I work with a manufacturer?” to “My samples are horrible! What went wrong?!”, the trials and t

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