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Apparel Manufacturer Union

We are building an information system, recorded every manufactuer's information to achieve WIN-COOPERATION. The system allows members to have a better knowledge about resources information that contributes to their cooperation in part of production process to meet clients’ requirements on apparels and also improve the prodction efficiency.
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Home / Fashion Business Advice / Building a Fashion Brand: The Importance of Competitor Research Bui

Whether you are creating a line or building a retail business, as a fashion startup, you must keep your finger on the pulse of the competitive landscape. This should be done in the beginning stages of

The Why, How, and When of Delegation in Your Fashion Business

3 Money Saving Tips for Emerging Designers

Tips for saving money on product development for emerging designers.

4 Tips for Picking a Factory and Ordering Production

Great tips on what you need to know when you're talking to factories and ordering production for your fashion line.

What You Need to Know About Small Batch Production

With the resurgence of US manufacturing, there are more options for manufacturing your collection at the quantity you need. Knowing how much production you should start off with can be complicated. Starting small or producing a large run each have their

Huge Amount Production of Knitwear

Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co. LTD is a professional knitted clothing manufacturer, specializing in design, weaving, dyeing, printing and embroidering.

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